Dance & Dinner Event August 31st

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It's Date Night at The Henderson Castle! Come for a fun dinner event with your dance partner! The talented instructors from Kalamazoo DanceSport will teach you a dance and we will serve you dinner following. At this event you will be learning the Merengue, a Dominican style dance!

It's fiesta time! Join the party and dance the Merengue.
A fun, fast and easy to learn dance made up of simple marching steps, the Merengue is the perfect dance for first time dancers.
This routine will give you the basics to let your creativity soar!
I.   Lady's Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Turns
II.  Release and Link
III. Lady's Roll In and Out
IV. The Dip

Please attempt to arrive 5-10 minutes before this event. 

Menu: Soup & Salad, Chicken Duo Plate, Dessert Du Jour

August 31st, 6:00PM - 8:30PM

$92.00/Couple (Taxes & Gratuity Included!).

Event tickets are non-refundable at time of purchase, and by purchasing tickets you agree to these terms. Event tickets will not be transferable within 48 hours of purchase. This event will be held in our 3rd Floor Ballroom. Guests who may have difficulty walking up the stairs should contact the Castle in advance of ticket purchase.

There is a set menu, however, we are able to make adjustments in advance. We will not take dinner orders during the event, so after you make reservations, please let us know of any dietary restrictions by calling the front desk at (269) 344-1827 or emailing us at